Thursday, November 09, 2006

nuestra necesidad de consuelo es saciable - vía jarvis cocker

por ejemplo acá:

- When you think you're treading water,
but you're just learning how to drown.
And a song comes on the radio
telling you that "The Only Way is Down".
You're out of luck,
you're out of time,
get out of here.
Your lover just traded you in
for the very same model
but a much more recent year.
It will not stop,
it will get worse from day to day
'til you admit that you're a fuck-up;
like the rest of us.
that's the time you fall apart
That's the time the teardrops start
& that's the time
you fall in love again. (bob lind- de we love life)

o acá:

- So now you know the words to our song,
pretty soon you'll all be singing along.
When you're sad,
when you're lonely
& it all turns out wrong.
When you've got the fear.
& when you're no longer searching for beauty or love
just some kind of life with the edges taken off.
When you can't even define what it
is that you are frightened of
this song will be here. (the fear- de this is hardcore)

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Anonymous said...

tarde, seguro.
Pero como a mí tambien me gusta mucho mucho pulp, jarvis solista y richard hawley, te dejo este video de la canción "bad cover version", que es genial.

abrazo de desconocidos.